Every journey starts with a passion. We live ours on two wheels, with a motor revving in our ears, and the horizon stretching out of view. After a firm handshake with friends, we’re ready to roll!

Like metal craftsmen, we fashion our handlebars one at a time, without sacrificing anything. Only premium materials are used to manufacture truly comfortable, reliable and sturdy end products.

Since 2016, thanks to our shared passion and day-to-day commitment, pride can be seen in everyone’s eyes.

Needless to say, our vision is broad...

As a true ambassador, each member brought into the Ironhold family holds our future in his hands. That is why your vote of confidence is so valuable. Every day, our mission is to maintain that level of confidence, and to put your enjoyment at the heart of our priorities. With each part that we develop, we aim at achieving no less than your satisfaction.

Riding a motorcycle is a unique way of feeling alive, and moving through space and time. This state of mind inhabits each moment of our existence. And we know it goes the same for you. Genuinely dedicated, that is what we are.